South 12th Avenue

Irvington Road to Drexel Road Transportation and Streetscape Improvements Project

The City of Tucson is designing improvements to South 12th Avenue between Irvington and Drexel roads to incorporate elements of the “Complete Streets” approach to roadway design. The proposed improvements came from an Infrastructure Assessment Study conducted by the City and the improvements are scheduled for construction in fall of 2019.

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Project Purpose


The 12th Avenue Infrastructure Assessment Study identified potential projects that include improvements to sidewalks, bicycle lanes, pedestrian crossings, parking, medians, bus stops, public art and landscaping.

The study team was comprised of City of Tucson staff from the departments of Planning & Development Services, Transportation, and Housing & Community Development, with assistance from the planning and engineering consultant Kimley-Horn Associates.

The South 12th Avenue community’s input helped the study team develop three concepts for potential improvements that the public was asked to consider. After deciding which improvements were preferred, the City will look for funding opportunities from various sources that would make potential improvements possible.

Involvement by the community helped ensure that the study and any potential improvement projects that come from it are consistent with community values and the cultural heritage of the area. Community support helps bring transportation funding for roadway safety and enhancement projects to our community.


Project Overview

The improvement projects that could come from this assessment and study are important for creating a safer and more comfortable environment for those who live, work, or visit in the area. Physical improvements to any street also encourage economic investment and promote social equity.

This assessment established priorities for investment so that funding can be requested from various sources to make any identified improvements a reality.

Improvement of sidewalks, including adding sidewalks to approximately 20 percent of the study area where they don’t currently exist, and consolidating some driveway entrances would provide better pedestrian access and safety while reducing the number of potential pedestrian crashes with motorists.

While business owners may express concern about changes in direct access to their properties, some types of businesses are affected for short periods of time and most find improvements lead to enhanced business once traffic flow is normalized and motorists become accustomed to the changes.

The potential projects will improve the appearance of the corridor and provide property owners and customers with safe access to roadways, and create an appealing streetscape that attracts businesses and customers.

Download the Improvement Scenarios Concept Report

Source: City of Tucson

Source: City of Tucson

Source: City of Tucson

Source: City of Tucson

Source: City of Tucson

Source: City of Tucson

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Next Steps

The next steps for 12th Avenue Multimodal and Streetscape Improvements include continuing to solicit public input on the scenario concepts. Funding has not yet been identified to implement the improvements. The City will continue to review funding opportunities from various sources to make the identified improvements a reality.

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