Proposed Improvements 

Aided by community involvement and input, the City of Tucson has developed proposed improvements to South 12th Avenue between Irvington Road and Drexel Road. These improvements would incorporate various elements of the “Complete Streets” approach to roadway design, some of which will be permanent improvements, while some will be included as pilot improvements that can be evaluated and modified if not effective.

Permanent improvements will include:

·     Constructing sidewalks

·     Consolidating some driveway entrances to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians

·     Streetscape and landscape improvements

Pilot project improvements will include:

·     Reducing the number of vehicle travel lanes in the project area to one lane in each direction

·     Adding striped bicycle lanes throughout the project area

·     Creating on-street parking in some locations

Potential Improvements Considered

During the Infrastructure Assessment Study conducted in summer of 2018, the City of Tucson shared a range of potential improvements with the public, receiving information that led to the proposed improvements to be made in fall of 2019. Information about those potential improvements can be found in the links below. 


Source: City of Phoenix

Source: City of Phoenix

Source: City of Boulder

Source: City of Boulder